Last Weekend of 2013

It is Monday, the eve before New Year’s Eve. Are you excited for a fabulous 2014? But first, what sort of fun did you have during the last weekend of 2013?

On Saturday I met up with a friend of mine who was working in Paris at the Millennium hotel and later went out with my sister’s boyfriends parents for a friendly game of bowling followed by an interesting meal with a stone grill. Have you ever attended Benihana? A Japanese restaurant where they cook your meal at an arm’s length? Well this restaurant is very similar except for the fact that there is no chef. You cook your meat yourself on this hot grill.

The meat offered here is mostly for people who are on the carnivorous side, so this would be a bad place for vegetarians. Luckily we pesco pollo vegetarians can always find something edible even in the places with little available food.

Festive Bowling Alley
Festive Bowling Alley

Before we started with the meal, the four of us in our family got together with my sisters boyfriends family of three to play ten-pin bowling. The men in our group were amazing at playing. As soon as daddy got a spare, my sister suspected he cheated. (When we were younger we’d do swimming races, play ping pong, go ice skating, etc with dad and he would always do expert moves where we just decided to say he was cheating) this move was no different. Although the winner of our game was my sisters boyfriend. The runner up was his father and in third place was dad. I got a poor 78 points, but got a couple spares and one strike, so that’s good!

Hanna, myself, and Laurens (sisters boyfriend father)
Hanna, myself, and Laurens (sisters boyfriend father)

After that we migrated to dinner in the restaurant of De Oude Tol. Unfortunately the link for the restaurant can only be seen in Dutch, so I hope you have an automatic translator for your own language.

As soon as we sat down at the table, we had these stone grills in front of us emitting wonderful heat. If you’re always cold like I am, this method of cooking is definitely one you should try out.

Stone Grill Cookery
Stone Grill Cookery

A server came to us, took our orders for our beverages of choice, then told us that as a starter we could have a choice of tomato and mushroom soup. I opted out once remembering that most vegetarian soups in the Netherlands have little meat balls in them. How weird is that? Meat balls in a vegetarian soup!

Once those who had soup finished, our main course was brought out. The servers delivered plates of raw meat which we were to cook ourselves.

Cooking our Own Meals

In the photo above you can see on the bottom right corner (my section) where I am cooking a chicken skewer and a small breast of chicken. In the tin folds was the fish I could eat. Once my fish was done (a very quick cook) the remainder of the hot plate was for my sister, her boyfriend, and his mom where they ate burgers and pieces of steak. According to them, the red meat was very delicious.

Not only were we eating meat, we also had the option to go to the salad bar and eat some greens. There were also some lovely crunchy french fries to go with our meal.  One cannot go without produce and a starch can they? Well we all know it is possible, but a meal consisting of only meat is not all that good for you. Unless of course you just so happened to be part animal. Werewolves do not exist. 

We continued talking, cooking, and eating, enjoying each others company. Once everyone became full from their main course, we relocated to the lounge for dessert.

DessertDessert was a mango mousse square on a thin pastry crust, a ball of chocolate ice cream coated in dark chocolate bites, and a dollop of whipped cream with a single strawberry on top. The little red spot was a drop of raspberry syrup to go with the mousse. It was a very light assortment of treats to hit the right spot on the palate. The mango mousse with the raspberry syrup was a particularly wonderful way to end a meal.

A cup of coffee and a cup of tea was had by the four parents of the group while more interesting conversation was had. Finally around 10:30pm we went our separate ways. My sister went with her possibly potential in-laws while myself and my parents went home.

It was a truly wonderful night which I enjoyed greatly. I am sure everyone else agreed.

I hope you all had an equally as enjoyable weekend.



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