Asian Salad Dressing is the Best Salad Dressing

Last year when I lived in Nova Scotia, I fell in love with something. No it wasn’t poutine, although I can tell you that Nova Scotians love their Poutines! No, what I fell in love with was roasted sesame salad dressing.

One time when I was at our staff cafeteria I was plating up greens of all sorts and decided to try a new salad dressing which just so happened to be dark brown with little white specs in it. Now I know most people would be iffy about such a thing, but why be so cautious when experimenting is that much more fun! So I poured this brown liquid over my salad and sat down at a table. I then took my first bite and my mouth experienced an explosion of flavour and I was officially hooked.

Since returning to the Netherlands, I’ve been trying to make sesame dressing from scratch. The first time it was pretty good, but then the second and third time just didn’t hit my stomach the right way. So I basically gave up.

But then on Monday I decided to go downtown to give in to my need to spend money on cosmetics (could I sound any more like a girl), during this time I popped into my favourite biological supermarket and bought some wonderful things like instant miso soup, pumpkin crackers, and green tea. I also found my favourite salad dressing.

Roasted Sesame Salad Dressing

Since buying this beautiful salad dressing, I’ve been adding it to almost everything! I even found an excuse to eat the salad dressing with oven baked Lays chips! It is fabulous having this in my life again!


 Now I know that this plate does not look as attractive as the other ones I’ve posted on here, but my wonderful salad dressing is here!

And if you’re wondering, my meal of choice consists of:

1) a baked potato with margarine, cheddar cheese, Greek yoghurt with lemon juice, and freshly chopped chives.

2) a mixed salad with sliced cucumbers and chopped red pepper with my sesame dressing

3) a breaded soy patty (that makes me think of milanesa)

All quite unattractive but über delicious!

For those of you who live in the States and Canada, Kraft has this salad dressing as well. If you haven’t yet tried it, I suggest you do so immediately!

Happy salad eating!


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