Learning About the Cook:

Hello, my name is Liselot (pronounced as “lease a lot”) and I am a food addict. Recently I took up a life of enjoyment in the kitchen. Following a lifelong dream to be healthy while enjoying multicultural meals. I am not one to cook and eat meals that are plain and boring. I am a pesco pollo vegetarian, so you will never find meat and potatoes and some sort of wilted green vegetable on my plate, but you will however find bright colors from an assortment of vegetables and beans. Like anyone interested in healthy cuisine, I am very passionate about showing others. This passion began while I would take photos of each meal I made and post them on the website Instagram. So many people were intrigued by my love for food that I thought, “why not make a food blog?”

Like every living thing, food is a needs to survive, so I think of food 80% of my day. I am always looking up new meals to give a shot. I wish I could say I was a health food nut, though, but I cannot because my truest passion is to bake. If I could, I would make cakes and cookies all day and every day. Alas, if I do not eat the treats, then my family would, and we would all be far too heavy to be confident.

Now, I wish I could say I had no previous culinary education like many of the other foodie bloggers online, but I have. If it weren’t for my attending college for international hotel and business management, I probably would have never been able to step foot in a kitchen and be able to actually cook a full-fledged meal without the education I followed.  I now know all about chopping boards, types of knives to be used, and different cutting techniques, I guess they are my tools and techniques of the trade!

So this is my blog of food. I experiment with everything and hope to inspire others to experiment too. I hope you enjoy what you read, because I do know I will be enjoying writing everything!


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Learning the Kitchen as I follow my Culinary Quest in life

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