Restaurant Reviews:

As an amateur foodie with a lust and interest in food, I also like to rate hotels and restaurants and their cuisine in my free time.

After working in the Westin Nova Scotian, I learnt that with every good review on Tripadvisor, the department at the hotel is acknowledged for their good work. Every review containing a staff members name is then rewarded to that said staff member with $100! Having learnt that I thought it would be best to always review the place I visited to ensure any of the staff or departments get the acknowledgement they deserve. I am after all in the hospitality industry and like when guests are happy, so why not also relish the thought when in-house staff are happy too?

Although I do not always like what I experienced at the hotel or restaurant, I do like to write about it so other visitors can see my thoughts.

If you are interested in seeing all the reviews I’ve made over the years here is my Tripadvisor profile which shows my travels and ratings.


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